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Client Appreciation

The Wall Team Realty Associates has a philanthropic mission dedicated to helping three important causes – Food for the Soul, GRACE, and 6 Stones. Each of these non-profits strives to serve the people in our area that need a hand up. Giving back and making a lasting impact in our community is a vital part of our culture and important to every member of our team.

2023 Wall Team Spring Cookout

A man and two women with the other holding a baby in her arms
A man with white hair, a blonde woman, and a brunette woman with a house in the background
A woman, two men, and a boy in all smiles under a tent
A man in a polo and a woman in a white shirt holding a baby with many people in the background
Young boys sitting on the sidewalk while eating chips
Two men posing for a photo in a signage with a text that says "Wall Team Spring Cookout"
Women and children eating chips and burgers with a brick wall building in the background
Individuals raising their hands and having fun
Men, women, and a dog posing for a photo on the sidewalk with trees and cars in the background
Three ladies with a tree and cars parked in the background
A man in a polo shirt holding a baby girl with a white car in the background
A beautiful family with a white table in a white cloth and people playing in a basketball court

2022 Client Appreciation

A woman with headphones on her neck and a man with a tag on his shirt that says "Ian Ghrist"
Three ladies wearing formal dresses in a photo booth
Lovely couples in formal attire with a black and white background
A man in a black polo, a woman in a white blouse, and another woman in a white shirt and pink cardigan
A man in a suit and a woman with a headband and a sparkling white suit
Three ladies in sparkling outfits posing in a photo booth with a black and white background
Two men in formal attire pointing at each other
A guy with glasses and a girl in a red dress with a tag that says "Stacey Luke"

2019 Client Appreciation Party

Annual Food Drives

A truck filled with boxes and bags of food
A car parked in front of a brick building with a purple flag
A man holding two piles of tissues
A truck filled with boxes and bags of food and a tarpaulin
Four people in a truck filled with boxes and bags of food
A man and a woman talking with another man and children in the background
A row of bins filled with groceries
A man holding a box of groceries with a brown double door in the background

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